Eliska Conley holds a Masters degree in Linguistics from Comenius University, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia where she was awarded the Best Student of 1975.
She is a multi-lingual, experienced Senior Venture Development Executive (Publishing, Travel Industry, Import/Export), and has demonstrated hands on leadership skills in establishing start-up activities, development of international trade and follow-on negotiation abilities in direct dealings with international corporate clientele.
Fluent in English, French, German, Russian, Czech/Slovak, Serbo-Croatian and basic Italian, Eliska ran her own publishing company in Germany with offices in Moscow. From 1994 until 2002 she was President of Icondale Systems (Gmbh), a marketing and trade consulting company with clients in Russia, Germany and Nova Scotia, Canada.
Eliska brings over twenty-five years of international trade and management experience to Conley-International 

Full CV is available upon request
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