Books Date
Post-Conflict Peacebuilding in Africa: Assessing the DDR Processes. Co-editor with Andy Knight
(London: Ashgate Publishers, in draft).
Political Education: North American Perspectives. Co-editor with C. Torres
(Hamburg and Paris: Kraemer).
L'Enseignement des droits de la personne.
Editor (Wolfville: Secretary of State, Ottawa & Acadia Institute).
Teaching Human Rights. Editor. (Secretary of State, Canada, Acadia University Institute).
Energy Options for Atlantic Canada. Co-editor with G. Daborn (Hali­fax: Formac Publishing).
Co-editor, with J.E. Kersell, Comparative Political Problems: Britain/ U.S./Canada.
(Scarborough, Ont.: Prentice-Hall).
Articles, Chapters, and Commissioned Work - a sampling

“Human Rights Reporting and the Universal Periodic Review Process”, International Human Rights and Sustainable Development Workshop, Suriname


“SIDS AND SDGs – Challenges”, SIDS+20 Forum, Partnerships and Actions for Small Island Developing States, University of the West Indies, Trinidad & Tobago


The Human Rights Approach to Humanitarian Assistance”, A presentation to the Korea Council for Overseas Cooperation and Seoul Cyber University, South Korea


“Humanitarian Assistance Policies and the International System: Current Issues and Challenges”, Presented to the Re-Shaping Development Institute (ReDI), Sponsored by the Korea International Cooperation Agency, South Korea


“The Role of PKOs and International Organizations for Resolution of International Conflicts and Disputes”, a presentation to the Research Institute of National Security Affairs of the Korea National Defence University, South Korea


“Collaborative Problem-based Learning in a Peacekeeping Environment: The Role of the Pearson
Peacekeeping Centre in International Peacekeeping Training” with Ann Livingstone and Sarah Meharg,
the Runner-up for the International Award for Excellence, in the area of knowledge,
culture and change in organisations.)

“UNESCO and Education for a Culture of Peace: A Transdisciplinary Approach”, in Education
and Peace - International Experiences and Approaches. Belgrade: Adult Education Society Belgrade.
"UNESCO, Genetics Research and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights," in,
Continuing the Dialogue: Genetic Research With Aboriginal Individuals and Communities.
Ottawa: National Council on Ethics in Human Research.

"A UNESCO View of Adult Education and Civil Society," with Elisabeth Barot, in Poonwassie
and Poonwassie (eds.), Fundamentals of Adult Education: Foundations, Practices, and Issues.
Toronto: Thompson Educational Publishing.
"Human Rights: Using Information Technology as an Implementation Tool", with Christina Patterson,
in J. Symonides (ed.) Human Rights: Protection, Monitoring and Enforcement. Paris, UNESCO.
"Communication, Human Rights and Cyberspace", with Christina Patterson, in Steven Hick,
Edward Halpin & Eric Hoskins (eds.) Human Rights and the Internet. Macmillan Press.
"Distance Learning: the challenges of training and management around the world," The Commonwealth
Trade and Investment Almanac 2000/2001, London: Kensington Publications.
"Accessibility, Educational Alternatives and Empowerment" Sub-theme paper for the Commonwealth
Ministers of Education Meeting, Halifax, Canada, November.
"Social and Economic Development" Sub-theme paper for the Commonwealth Ministers
of  Education Meeting, Halifax, Canada, November.
"Enhancing Cultural Identity" Sub-theme paper for the Commonwealth Ministers of Education Meeting,
Halifax, Canada, November.
"New Directions in Financing and Management of Education" Sub-theme paper for the Commonwealth
Ministers of Education Meeting, Halifax, Canada, November.
"Researching Digital Designs for Teaching and Learning", in Research Matters. October.
"An Ethical Framework: Mechanisms For User-Enabled Choice and Normative Claims", with Christina
Patterson, Michael Shepherd & Carolyn Watters, at the INFOETHICS 2000 - Right to Universal Access
to Information in the 21st Century conference, Paris".

"The Potential For Effective WEB Content Control Based on Current Technology", with Carolyn Watters
and Michael Shepherd in Information Property, Intellectual Property and New Technology - KnowRight 2000,
K Brunnstein & P.P. Sint (eds.). Vienna: Osterreichische Computer Gesellschaft

"Canada, International Organization and Human Rights: Elements of Peacebuilding", with Michael Bonser,
in Michael Tucker (ed.) Canada and World Order: Facing the New Millenium. Oxford University Press.
“The Digital Agora: Interaction and Learning in Political Science,” with Carolyn Watters and Cynthia
Alexander, Interactive Multimedia Electronic Journal of Computer Enhanced Learning.
Wake Forest University, April 1999.

"From Montreal to Beijing: Integrating Action Plans with a viable Human Rights Education for the Democratic
Citizen - Experiences from UNESCO", with Judy Ettinger, Human Rights Education in Europe,
(Turku, Finland: Institute for Human Rights, Abo Akademi University.

Designing the Digital Agora: pushing the Web envelope”, by Watters, C.; Shepherd, M.; Alexander,
C.; Conley, M. Proceedings of the Thirty-First Hawaii International Conference on System
Sciences, 1998. Volume 4, Issue , 6-9 Jan 1998 Page(s):485 - 495 vol.4

“The Digital Agora: Using Technology for Learning in the Social Sciences,” with Carolyn Watters & Cynthia
Alexander, Communications of the ACM (Association for Computing, ACM), Vol. 41, No. 1,
January 1998, 17 pages.

The Digital Agora: Implementing A Web Application for the Social Sciences”, with Michael Kendall,
Debbie Spencer, Carolyn Watters and Cynthia Alexander. APICS-AARMS 1997 ABSTRACTS.
“From Montreal to Beijing: Integrating Action Plans with a viable Human Rights Education for the Democratic
Citizen - Experiences from UNESCO”, with Judy Ettinger, Human Rights Education in Europe,
(Turku, Finland: Institute for Human Rights, Åbo Akademi University.

“Conference Report and European Implementation Strategy”, UNESCO Regional Conference on Human
Rights Education in Europe, Turku/Åbo, Finland, 18-21 September
“Final Report - third Session”, UNESCO Advisory Committee on Education for Peace, Human Rights,
Democracy, International Understanding, and Tolerance, (Paris: UNESCO, July 7-9), 20pp.
"Human Rights Education: Present and Future Trends", with Elisabeth Barot, Canadian and International
Education, vol. 25, no.2 - December 1996
"Human Rights, Development and Democracy: The Linkage Between Theory and Practice" with Daniel
Livermore, Canadian Journal of Development Studies. Special Issue.
"Human Rights Education: Present and Future Trends", for the Human Rights Directorate, Heritage Canada.
"Migration and Human Rights", for the Immigration Consultations 1994 Seminar
on International Migration, Ottawa, June.
"The Universal Declaration of Human Rights", in Human Rights Forum, autumn issue.
"Human Rights, Development and Democracy:  Linking Theory and Practice in International Relations",
with Daniel Livermore, to the International Political Science Association 16th World Congress,
Berlin, August.

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Human Rights in the Twenty-First Century: A Global Challenge. (Dordrecht: Martinus Nijhoff).
"The Working Group on Disappeared Persons: A Study on the Dynamics of United Nations Investigations",
with Roger Stuart, UN Centre for Human Rights, Geneva.
"The Convention Against Torture and the Work of the United Nations Special Rapporteur", with Roger Stuart,
UN Centre for Human Rights, Geneva.
"Summary and Arbitrary Executions: The Efforts of the United Nations", with Roger Stuart, UN Centre for
Human Rights, Geneva.
"Human Rights: The United Nations and International Considerations", at the American Center for
International Leadership, Europe-America Conference, Baltimore, December.
Meeting of Experts on "Prevention of Mass Flows", San Remo, Italy, "Human Rights and the Prevention
of Mass Exoduses: Questions and some possible approaches to solution", June.
Joint ILO-UNHCR meeting on International Aid as a Means to reduce the need for Emigration - Commentator
and presenter, "Human Rights and the Prevention of Mass Exoduses", Geneva, Switzerland, May.
"Humanitarian Strategies from a Comparative Perspective" in M.J. Pelaez (ed.), Papers in Public Law and
Public Historical Law. (University of Malaga: Malaga, Spain).
"Theories and Attitudes Towards Political Education" in K.A. McLeod (ed.) Canada and Citizenship
Education.  (Toronto: Canadian Education Association).
"The Effects of International Human Rights Law on the Canadian Legal and Political System",
with D. Cullen (A Study funded by the Law Foundation of Nova Scotia, and the Foundation
for Legal Research, Montreal, August).

"Political Education in Atlantic Canada" in Pepin & Pammett, Political Education in Canada. (Ottawa:
Institute for Research on Public Policy).
"Civics, Citizenship, State Power and Political Education:  The Canadian Experience",
with K. Osborne, in B. Clausen and S. Kili (eds.) Civics, Citizen­ship, State Power
(Hamburg: University of Hamburg Press).

"Political Education: Theory and Practice" in Congreso Internacional Sobre Educación Política, Política
Educativa en Tiempos de Crisis, Educación Política Una alternativa?
Mesa 3: Educación Política e Identidad Nacional. (Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico:
Secretaria de Educación, Cultura y Recreación).

"Fisheries and Boundaries:  The Gulf of Maine-Georges Bank Dispute," in T. Keating (ed.)
The Provinces and Canadian Foreign Policy. (Toronto:  CIIA).
"Comparative Humanitarian Strategies: The U.N. Human Rights Pro­gramme, the U.N. High Commission
for Refugees, and the International Committee for the Red Cross" in The Journal of Himachal Pradesh
Institute of Public Administration, Vol. I, No.2.

"Political Recruitment and Party Activists:  British and Canadian Com­parisons," with P.J. Smith
(Simon Fraser) in R.G. Landes (ed.) Canadian Politics:  A Comparative Reader
(Scarborough:  Prentice-Hall).

"Political Education in Canada", The History and Social Science Teach­er, Volume 21, No. 1, Fall.1985
"Refugee Appeal Procedures in Canada" au colloque sur la promotion et la  diffusion des droits de l'homme,
du droit international humanitaire, du droit des refugiés et du droit de secours en cas de 
catastrophes, organized by the Croix-Rouge monégasque, la commission medico-juridique de
Monaco, et  l'Institute international de droit humanitaire, San Remo, Italy, at the  initiative of S.A.S. le
prince héréditaire Albert of Monaco, November.

"Comparative Humanitarian Strategies: The United Nations High Commission for Refugees, the International
Committee of the Red Cross, and the United Nations Centre for Human Rights." XIII World Congress
of the International Political Science Association, Paris, France, July.   

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"Political Literacy and Human Rights:  Teaching Political Education in Canadian Schools," in M.W. Conley
(ed.) Teaching Human Rights, (Secretary of State, Canada, and Acadia University Institute).
"Empty Harbours, Empty Dreams:  The Democratic Socialist Tradition in Atlantic Canada,"
with P.J. Smith in Building the Co-operative Common­wealth, (Regina: Canadian Plains Research
Centre),  J.W. Brennan, editor.

"Political Recruitment and Party Activists:  British and Canadian Com­parisons," with P.J. Smith,
in International Political Science Review, Vol. 4, No. 1.
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and Pedagogy”, International Journal of Political Education, Vol. 6, N.1, pp. 65-85.
"The Protection of Refugees and Foreign Policy: Canadian Participation in the United Nations Office
of the High Commissioner for Refugees," at the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Political Science
Association, Vancouver, June.

"Development Aid and Human Rights: The Canadian Position," at the seventh annual conference on Human
Rights and Canadian Foreign Policy held by the Canadian Human Rights Foundation, Ottawa, April.
“Canadian shipping policies and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development:
an analysis of UNCTAD V. "Maritime Policy & Management, Volume 9, Issue 1 January 1982, pages 35-43
"Canada and the United Nations Commission on Human Rights," in `The Challenge of the '80s:
The Politics of Energy, Development and Human Rights,' The APPSA Papers.

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