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Member International Board of Advisors, GlobalOPS (www.globalopsonline.org), 2013-. GlobalOPS (a part of PATRIR) is an on-line support platform for Governments, UN missions and agencies, and local, national and international organisations and practitioners working in peacebuilding, peacemaking and peacekeeping. Support, technical assistance, coaching and executive programmes is offered by leading experts and practitioners in the field. Participants come from agencies, organisations, missions and ministries around the world, and will be actively working in key issues in the field.
Board Member of the Institute of International Relations, University of West Indies, Trinidad, 2013-2016.
Honorary Life Member of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, for contributions to UNESCO and the Canadian Commission.
Senior Trainer, Peace Action Training and Research Institute of Romania (PATRIR) (http://www.patrir.ro)
Consultant and Trainer at the Peace Operations Training Institute (POTI), USA www.peaceopstraining.org/
Senior Advisor, Peace and Conflict Planners (http://www.pcpcanada.com/practitioners/) Ottawa, Canada
Founding Advisory Board member, Journalists for Human Rights, Toronto (http://www.jhr.ca)
Senior Consultant to the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre, Accra, Ghana, 2004-2009
Advisor of the Governing Council of the African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies, Banjul, The Gambia, 1989 to present.
Vice-President, Canadian Commission for UNESCO (1996-2002).
Rapporteur for the public sessions of the International Bioethics Committee meeting, Montreal, November 26-28, 2002
Advisor to the Department of Education, Government of Nova Scotia for the Commonwealth Ministers of Education Conference and international education symposium, held in Halifax, Canada in November 2000.
Canadian representative to the first and second Intergovernmental Bioethics Committee meetings, Rabat, Morocco (1999), Paris (2001); Rapporteur for the Paris meeting
Canadian representative to the Intergovernmental meetings of UNESCO MOST - Management of Social Transformations
Programme (1999)
Chair of Preparatory Sessions held in Canada (plus co-Chair North American Preparatory Meeting) leading up to the World Science Conference in 1999.
President, UNESCO Advisory Committee on Education for Peace, Human Rights, Democracy, International Understanding and Tolerance, 1997-2000.
Canadian representative to the International Consultation of Governmental Experts on the Human Right to Peace, Paris (1998)
Principal Canadian negotiator and member of the drafting committee on the Universal Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights, Paris (1997).
General Rapporteur of the Conference and Focal role of drafting of the Strategy for the UNESCO Regional Conference on HR Education in Europe, 18-21 September, 1997, Turku, Finland.
President, Social Sciences Federation of Canada (1994).
Chief negotiator and member of the Canadian delegation to the UNESCO-International Bureau of Education biannual meeting, Geneva, Switzerland (1994).
Vice-President Canadian Human Rights Foundation, 1993-1995, responsible for transforming its human rights training into an international training programme.
Academic Advisor to the Canadian Government delegation to the World Conference on Human Rights (Vienna, 1993).
One of the drafters of the draft declaration of the UNESCO World Congress on Education for Democracy and Human Rights (Montreal, 1993) and member of the Canadian delegation.
Chair of Committee on information technology strategies for Acadia University (North Americas first totally wired university, with every student possessing a notebook computer and all seats in every classroom connected to the Internet.) 1991-92.
Consultant  to  the  United Nations Centre for Human  Rights,  Geneva, on  the establishment of an African Centre for Human Rights and Democracy, in association with the Organization of African Unity -African Human Rights Commission, Banjul, The Gambia, April 1989.