Conley-International is a consulting group of 18 professionals with a combined experience of 200 years
of international work in training, management, research, strategic planning, and organizational transformation. Although primarily involved in post-conflict reconstruction and peace operations training and development in various parts of the world, the team has also many years experience in dealing with international corporate clients, international organizations at the United Nations level, national governments, and in venture development.
Conley-International is a full-service international educational consulting company. Since 2000, Conley-International has conducted a variety of contract work and projects for the Canadian Government (Foreign Affairs Canada, Department of Canadian Heritage, Canadian International Development Agency, Canadian Centre for Management Development), Canadian Commission for UNESCO, various UN organizations (UNSSC, UNDP, UNICEF, UNESCO, UN High Commission for Human Rights, UN High Commission for Refugees, International Labour Organization, and UNCTAD), the African Union, the Council of Europe, the German development organization GIZ, PATRIR (Peace Action Training and Research Institute of Romania), POTI (Peace Operations Training Institute, Williamsburg, Virginia) and the US Naval Post-Graduate School. The team assembled under Conley-International has skills in post-conflict, DDR, Early Warning & Early Response, human rights, peacekeeping training, problem-based learning, training of trainers, information technology, general education, bioethics, international organisation, and change management.

Conley-International est une compagnie de la consultation éducative internationale de plein-service. Depuis 2000, Conley-International a augmenté et a entrepris plusières études et des actions pour le gouvernement du Canada, de l'UNESCO, du Conseil de l'Europe, les Nations Unies, Union Africaine, KAIPTC, le Centre Pearson pour le maintien de la paix, et d'autres. L'équipe rassemblée sous Conley-International a des qualifications dans des droits de l'homme, la formation de maintien de la paix, l'étude problème-basée, la technologie de l'information, l'éducation générale, la bio-éthique, l'organisation internationale, et la gestion de changement.
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